Mar 27, 2010

Avoiding School Work...

So... I'm supposed to be working on a legal brief I have due tomorrow at midnight... But I keep avoiding it as if it were the plague. As it is, Mari is going to kill me when she see's that I posted on here because that means I'm not working on it like I should be.

But I have a good reason to be distracted! My niece, which will be 4 years old in a month, has been after me to paint her nails. I call her ChiChi and she is the love of my life. She always notices the designs I put on my nails and wants me to do them to her little nails too. So, since I welcome all distractions from my paper... I painted and stamped her nails!

I present to you ChiChi's nails!

I used Color Club's "Believe In Amour" from the Pardon My French collection... Go figure I just won those and my niece gets to use them before I do! But since she is 4 I had to go with a safe pink color. She is too young for crazy brights and her mother, my sister, would kill me. LOL! The stamp is with Konad's Special Polish in "Pastel Blue." And the flowers are from M3.

It's cute to see ChiChi get home and hear her yelling "Mommy! Daddy! Look at my nails!" as she runs to them with her little fingers up.

I love her! =)


Jean said...

That is absolutely adorable!

Beauty Vibes said...

So cute, it's perfect for a little girl!

WizardsOfBling said...

Oh, What a sweet Aunt you are! Love them!

Arrianne said...

Who says she's too young for bright colors? You're never too young nor old for bright colors.