Mar 17, 2010

Cheeky Monkey Swatches!

Hello Addicts!

So, as we blogged before, we received awesome products from Cheeky Monkey! We got 3 amazing nail polishes: Man Chaser, Cougar, and Whatever. I was able to swatch these colors yesterday and want to share them with you all.

Man Chaser (4 Coats)

Let me start off by saying that this is MY personal FAVORITE! This color is described as a sheer iridescent hot pink. Gorgeous! However, it really is sheer! It took 4 coats in order to avoid a visible nail line. Regardless, it's beautiful and I would apply however many coats necessary to rock this awesome color! I suggest you all stop looking at our blog (can't believe I would ever say that), open a 2nd browser/tab right now, go to their website, and order this polish immediately! (But promise you'll come back to our blog and read the rest of this post.)

Cougar (2 Coats)
Cheeky Monkey describes this color as a medium red with blue-orange. This is my 2nd favorite out of the 3 polishes we received. As I was applying it, I admit I was scared. The first coat was a little bright... Not like "cheap red" but bright. However, after the 2nd coat, it was perfect. Not too bright, not too dark, perfect. I think the name "Cougar" suits this color very well.

Whatever (2 Coats)

Cheeky Monkey describes this color as a dark neutral beige. My simple minded self sees this color and thinks: Orange-brown... like rich caramel (yum). It's not that this is my least favorite, I just think these colors don't look good on me and my skin tone. There is nothing wrong with the color itself. I had a perfectly even color after two coats. So, I still recommended it.

Overall, these colors are amazing. They apply even over the nail and dry fairly quickly. The bottles are adorable. The names are hilarious. I highly recommend them. Don't be surprised if I swatch more colors some time in the near future... I have a few of their colors on my list of "Polishes To Buy."


Disclaimer: Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics provided these polishes to me. No monetary exchange was made between parties. My opinions are solely mine and are honest and true. This review is only for Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics nail polish. I have no experience with their other products.


Skulda said...

Awesome review! I have my eyes on "Hangover" and the purples look awesome!

Lucy said...

Sure doesn't look like any beige I've seen. Nice colors but I'm not going to look at another company unless there's something amazing. These look like colors I've seen before and probably have. Thanks for the swatches. I do like to hear of companies I've never heard of.

gildedangel said...

Great swatch!

Deborah said...

Love your blog and this giveaway!