Mar 14, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection (July 2010)

Hey everyone!

I saw this on other blogs and wanted to help spread the word! I don't know how fellow bloggers find out about these. It's not even on the China Glaze website yet!

Aren't they beautiful? I find myself falling in love with "Hey Doll" and "First Class Ticket."


Irides said...

gaaaah I NEED Emerald Fitzgerald for the name.

Also, Midnight Mission and Bogie. Possibly Jitterbug? omg. Can I just have them all?

Manatee Mama said...

I'm going to but this whole set!!! I want the display too.

Arrianne said...

It's funny cause when I saw this on another blog I didn't realize it was a new collection. I thought to myself, hey that'd make a really cool nail polish ad...I'm excited for these!