Mar 19, 2010

Nail Polish Rant

Hey Addicts!

So I just wanted to let out some steam. This is my nail polish rant:

Have you ever been stalked by a nail polish color? Well... I AM! Everywhere I turn, there it is! Weekly, other bloggers post about it! Pictures upon pictures of it's vivid beauty...

I'm talking about..... H&M'S BELLA'S CHOICE!

The color is beautiful. Gorgeous! Amazing!

Of course, I fall in love with a color/polish I can't get. There is no H&M anywhere near me. Ebay doesn't have it. Google doesn't find anyone selling it. Amazon doesn't have it. I've entered EVERY giveaway I have found with that polish but haven't won.

Therefore, I post my proposition to the nail addicts of the internet world. If you have Bella's Choice and don't want it, or if you live across the street from H&M, CONTACT ME! LoL!

This is the ONLY polish that I am "lemming" over. THE ONLY ONE!

Ok... *end rant*


Scandalous said...

H&M doesn't have polish in the US. It'll have to be an international swap. I wish I could help ;( someone just did a comparison with a dupe color to it. Maybe you can find the dupe?

Lissi said...

WT...!?!?! Are you serious? What is wrong with H&M? Do they have any idea how much more money they would make if they had nail polish in US stores... Do you know how much money they would make off me if they had an H&M in Miami? LOL!

Colour Victim said...

I've sent you an email about this polish, I'm going to H&M somewhere this upcoming week... :-)

Clementine said...

I'm completely addicted to H&M, since I live in Sweden we have it everywhere. I would not survive without their nail polish so if u don't stumble upon it soon enough, just tell me and I'll mail it to you. (Simply because I feel like being extraordinary nice today)


Clementine said...

I've bought the nail polish as promised, but to be honest I don't care much about money so I though maybe you could send me back a mate, clear top coat 'cus that is completely impossible to find here


Ayuu said...

Here in Belgium, we have a H&M in each big city but they don't have makeup >< They only have some in Brussels, I go there within two weeks, so if you didn't find a solution, leave me a mail and I'll see if they have it ! Or I'll ask a friend from France who'll get some for me, too :)


Arrianne said...

Please, come to America like Illamasqua and Essence! You'll make a killing!