Mar 25, 2010

The Purse Forums

Totally random but...

It's so cool to see that so many bloggers are tPF members.

I'm looking through the nail threads and I'm like: "Hey! I recognize those nails!"

Yes, I follow a lot of blogs (via RSS) and I actually start to recognize your nails because I see them every time you post something new!

And for those of you that don't know what tPF is... it's The Purse Forums!


Jessica said...

That forum looks fun but from what I saw it doesn't look like I'd fit in, most of those designers/bags are so far out of my league its not even funny lol. Now I'm a die hard Harvey's Seatbelt Bag devotee but those don't even compare.

Should I join anyway?

Lissi said...

I have to say that the ladies at tPF are the nicest ever. I'm not into those designer bags... Can't even afford them. And I own nothing more than a few Coach bags. But I've never encountered a person that judged me for it on tPF. They are so nice and helpful. They have a lot of sections that aren't about bags. That is where I used to lurk around all the time. Now that I discovered the nail posts, I am back up in there!

Jessica said...

Ok sounds good, I'll go join. I dont even have a Coach, I do have a knock off or two though :) All that time I couldnt spend the money on a Coach and but put a seatbelt bag in front of me easy! My priorities are seriously out of whack, I have such a hard time buying a $200 kitchen table or couch but hell a a new seatbelt bag for $150 sure, new shoes for $100 ok! See seriously out of whack lol

Jackie S. said...

I love TPF!