Mar 23, 2010

Swatches (Orly, OPI, Essie, China Glaze, & Zoya)

Hey Addicts!

My misfortune is to your benefit. I've been home sick from school so I finally get to post the swatches we did last week.

Orly - Hawaiian Punch (2 coats)A super amazing bright bold magenta with blue flash.

OPI - No Room For The Blues (2 coats)
Bright blue sky cream.

Essie - Jam n' Jelly (3 coats)
A warm, rich fuchsia (description stolen straight outta Essie's webpage. LOL!) But I'd add that there's a slight blue flash to it too. LOVELY!

China Glaze - The Ten Man (4 coats)

White/silver frost with small glitter. You can see the gray but I'd definitely consider this more on the silver side. Very cool. And yes, FOUR COATS! It would have been just 3 but I accidentally scratched the wet paint with the nail of my other hand and had a lovely line running across them all. So I did a 4th coat to hide that because I refused to start over!

Zoya - Reece (2 coats)Bright pink with gold shimmer. LOVE THIS!

Zoya - Adina (2 coats)
Purple with like a green and pink duochrome. These colors are just the coolest but super hard to capture. Green in some pics, purple in others. Take our word for it, they're beautiful.


Jessica said...

I think I need that OPI

ANSTAH said...

Great swatches!!!