Apr 28, 2010

You have NO idea!


I was just txting Lissi to tell her... I think soon, hopefully very soon, I'll be able to start posting again. Since my move earlier this month and the 6 breaks out of 10 fingernails I've been trying my hardest to take care of my nails. All the breaks and the splitting and my all-time favorite, PEELING, has left me uninspired, to say the least. All I want to do is walk around with my hands in my pockets. :(

A little peel, some OPI Nail Envy, then at the end of the week the peel kinda grew but was still a peel, so I pick and peel away and then buff, and then the whole process starts again and I want to SCREAM! I tell you, it's an endless cycle. They're still sooooooo short and I have a long way to go to get them in shape how they USED to be.

Anyway, I think this weekend I might finally be able to do some manicure hands and hopefully, by the following week I can do a "real" manicure with color and decor. Let's pray!

I've been keeping up with all the posts from you lovely ladies, but I've missed posting myself.

Soon. Hopefully.



~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I had this problem with my right thumbnail, mostly because I use it peel things and other stupid stuff, but I couldn't get the sucker to grow without peeling!
I had been using Orly Nail Rescue to save tears and small breaks so I figured I'd try protecting the tip of my thumb from peeling. I buffed the nail then applied Nail Rescue to just below the peeling part. Buffed it smooth and kept that on for a couple months I think. I finally just removed the peeling part and the nail is healthy and long again.
I hope this might work for you.

Cailleach said...

No picking at your peels! You just perpetuate the cycle. Use Nail Rescue as Elizabeth suggested above or a good nail bonder polish. Resist the peeling, and eventually you'll just file past it. Also, I noticed that I don't have nearly as many peels since I started biotin, although I don't see my nails growing any faster. HTH

Jackie S. said...

No picking!!!!, take care and have faith you'll be back soon enough! :)

Nikki Warner said...

I've have some peeling problems too. Maybe I'll start with biotin. I was using Nail Tek but maybe I'll try Nail Rescue.

I'm having a giveaway if anyone is interested!


Akuma Kanji said...

I'm so sorry for you! :( Have you ever tried another nail shape that doesn't require long nails? For example: I'm always changing! My nails seem to be like yours so I just had to find a way to beat the situation! When my nails are flawless (no peeling or stretches or breaking) I leave them long and square or squoval; when they are sensitive and peeling and breaking all over the place I cut them (usually only from where the peeling or breaking started, I never let the situation go further below the white tips of fingernails)and always go look for short nails designs; when they start to grow and I notice they will start to peel soon (if we look at our nails carefully we can always know if they are in a strong mood :P or sensitive) I cut them round and, if I want, pointy. My nails never have the same polish more than 2 or 3 days and always rest at night from the polish with a moisturising cream (proper for hand and nail care) and vaseline (petroleum jelly) only on the nails. Too much cream and vaseline can also 'cause more sensitiveness so be sure those are fully absorbed by your skin or just wipe off the excess ;) Hope this helps! *** (long post, sorry -__-)