Jun 8, 2010

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm back!

Well, sorta. You guys tell me.

Back in April after my move and the SIX broken nails that culminated from it, I took all of you lovely ladies' advice and avoided picking at my peeling nails. OMG! I've never struggled with something so much. Actually, I lie. Screaming toddler's are worse, but the peels were pretty bad. As it is, they're STILL peeling. I'm just covering the whole thing with coats of polish so it makes ignoring the peels easier. I'm hoping they grow out enough that I just file passed the peel but they might be growing with the peel already (know what I mean? Like two layers just growing in unison?) Ugh.

So.... Lissi was over on Sunday for our usual nail day and this is what I came up with. I lifted her bottle of Blue's Brother from Catrice, which is a gorgeous dusty blue with like a golden teal flashy shimmer to it and then I topped it with Medallion from China Glaze, which is one of my favorite toppers. All it's glittery, multi-dimensional, odd-sized specks of golden goodness. I swear, that topper just transforms any plain mani into something cool and sparkly.

The precise shade is kinda hard to capture (note the "comments" on the pictures themselves), but I promise you it's pretty cool looking.
*sigh* It's good to be back.....Happy Polishing!


The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Welcome back :D

smALtY said...

Welcome back, I use the same (polish over peeling to ignore it) techique!!