Jun 12, 2010

NOTD - Baby Blue Goodness!

Hey Ladies!

Here is my continuing attempt to catch up! This is my manicure from May 30th.

I finally stopped hiding in a corner of my room while mumbling "my precious" as I pet this Nfu-Oh bottle while I rock myself back and forth over and over again. Creepy right? LOL! It was time to use it and pop that new-polish-cherry!

Let me just start off by saying that I have only ever seen 2 or 3 baby blueish holo's... But NONE compare to Nfu-Oh's "65." NONE! This color is gorgeous. It is pure insanity when it is in the sun. Look at how it shines like crazy!

This color is officially my #1 favorite of all time... And good thing I love it so much because application is a nightmare! If it weren't for the fact that Nfu-Oh isn't cheap and the color is gorgeous, I would have thrown the bottle out of the window! If I didn't get the application even then I had to leave it that way because going over an area twice with the brush would just remove all the polish completely! I felt like the polish was playing an evil game with me. So applying center-side-side was no good because any overlapping areas would end up with no polish at all. And then the 2nd coat would remove almost all of the polish. Waiting for the prior coat to dry before applying the next didn't really help much. I would still pull off the paint underneath. I found myself having to apply an excessive amount of polish with each coat and then laying my hands flat so it could even out. Or I would have to apply a bead of polish on the bald spots. In the end, the war between my nails and this polish resulted in a shockingly even look.

So I guess we can say this was 3 coats. LOL!

Either way, the end result is worth the torture!

Random question: Has anyone stamped with this color? I tried to for another mani and it did the weirdest thing. I would try to pick up the image with the stamp off the plate and would just get an outline of it. LOL! I tried several times and I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. So I think this polish is just not stampable. Anyone have different results?

Happy Polishing!


Rebecca said...

I've not tried any Nfu-Oh holos, but they always look so beautiful!

Shiny! said...

The holo's from Nfu-Oh are still on my wishlist, they're awesome! I can understand why you hid with it :P

Tassa said...

Stunning! :)

Sarah said...

I need Nfu-Oh! How to get hold of them in Sweden...?

Twister said...

Gorgeous color and very cute packaging :o)

bird of a feather said...

Lovely! And I usually don't like baby blues.

Jillian said...

I love this color. I should probably own this. XD

please follow me!

Ayuu said...

Great shade ! I understand what you say about this color, I have #64 and it's the same goodness, in pink :D

Tinna said...

love your nails adn color too <3