Jun 20, 2010

NOTD - Dragons Are Flying... Round 2

Hey Ladies!

First things first: Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers in your lives!

Sorry for the delay in posting. I was sick for 2-3 days. I got so sick and tired of being home and in bed. So I was out of my room and out of the front door the moment I got better! I needed some fresh air.

Maria beat me with this color since I've been backed up with posting. But because I already had the pictures taken you'll just have to see China Glaze's "Flying Dragon" again. LOL! This is my manicure from June 10th. This polish is from the Ink collection. "Flying Dragon" is a deep dark purple with small red and blue glitter. I took a picture with the side of the bottle so you could see the amount of glitter it has. I also tried my best to capture the glitter on my nails. The 2 coats applied perfectly. The polish is very dark when you are indoors. But the glitter really pops when in the sunlight. I love this color. 

Hope you gals like it!

Happy Polishing!


Brooke said...

looks gorgeous!!

Lady C. said...

Repeats for a great color are always acceptable! :) Looks great on you.

tasha~ said...

Ohh what a cute color!

Twister said...

I have Flyin Dragon and really like it. But mine looks more red toned :/

Ayuu said...

I definitely adore Flying Dragon, it's one of my fave purples ! It's great on you :)