Jul 28, 2010

NOTD: Sheer Fantasy

Hey Ladies!

This is my manicure from June 25th. This is Orly's "Fantasea."

Now I can't remember if this is 2 or 3 coats. It's probably 2. Regardless of how many coats I did, I should have done at least 1 more. The application is great but the color is a bit on the sheer side. Here goes my horrible attempt at describing this color: A pinkish purple base with a weird sometimes pink / sometimes copper / sometimes slightly goldish shimmer. Got it? No? Who cares! It's pretty and that is all that matters.

Kinda reminds me of OPI's MerryBerry Mauve. Coincidentally, All You Desire has a recent amazing swatch of it (here). Yes, I know these are different colors. They aren't identical twins but they could be half-sisters.

On a side note, I encountered the weirdest thing the other day. Have any of you guys seen Essie and OPI polishes at Target? The selection is extremely small and I didn't see any current/new colors. But something about the OPI bottles caught my attention. All the serial numbers were scraped off! I thought that was a little... shady...! Has anyone else encountered this?

And then at CVS I saw some OPI's too. But they had black label bottles. I don't understand what is going on! LOL!

Either way, Happy Polishing!


rmcandlelight said...

I just bought this polish and it was the last one! It is gorgeous on you :)

Megan Harmeyer said...

This is the polish that started my addiction! Such a gorgeous color. I've seen OPI at Target, but I haven't paid that close attention to them because there aren't any colors that I'm interested in. I'll have to take a better look next time I'm there.

Tiana said...

This shade is gorgeous! I must have it! Love your nails! <3

Tassa said...

Lovely shade and nails! ;)

Jackie S. said...

This is sooooo pretty! I need it!

Arrianne said...

Yeah, I noticed that a Target a long time ago when the whole fiasco first started. What's weird is TD still sells OPI...I don't know if they had already bought this stock before OPI sued, but I find it weird.