Aug 6, 2010

KOTD: PHD's Book Cover Challenge

Hey Ladies! 

This is a quick post to show my entry for Polish Hoarder Disorder's Book Cover Challenge.

Like the horrible blogger that I am, I can't remember how many coats this was since I'm backed up and this mani feels like it was such a long time ago!

This is OPI's "Dating a Royal." Is it a jelly? Is it a creme? I don't know. But it's blue and that is all that matters. This was either 2 or 3 coats. I'm almost certain it was 3. I love the tone of the color. However, I do have 1 complaint... This is the first time I can remember ever suffering from staining! I used a base coat and everything but my nails were sooooo stained when I took this color off. I wasn't a happy camper about that. But the color is worth it. LOL!

Then I stamped the full nail circles from M65 with Konad's Special Polish in white.

The Bluebook of Citations was my inspiration for this mani. I picked the circles to match the white spiral. It's funny how one of my favorite manicures was inspired by a book I despise! This book is the one we use a lot in law school to help us properly cite all the legal references in our writing. So tedious!

Anyways... Happy Polishing!


Gina (Prim and Polished) said...

I didn't know you were in law school! I just finished law school last year! Hang in there! HATE that Bluebook!

Camy said...

this is so pretty!

kelliegonzo said...

this is a really pretty konad! very complex :)