Aug 20, 2010

Missing: Sidebar!

Hey Bloggers!

Has your entire sidebar ever gone missing? Well, if you look at our page you'll notice that our entire sidebar is missing! We haven't done anything lately that would make it go away. We don't know what is going on. If we log in to edit our layout, we can see all our widgets on the sidebar. But then we view the blog and nothing is there....

Can anyone offer any help?


Natalia said...

I see the side bar on the post page but on home page the sidebar is at the bottom.This sometimes happens when the width of the post body and the width (pixels)of the sidebar exceed the total width you set for the page itself. What you could do is check if those parameters are the same on the home page and on the post page, where everything seems to work fine.
Otherwise, I don't know what could be the reason! ; )

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

I agree with Natalia.

cocolive said...

It happened that to me a similar situation for a photo which I had moved. If you use a personal image as sidebar, can be that you moved it in the computer. So, the access road is different. You thus need, if it is the case, to put the good access road. I hope that my translation in your language is correct. Bye

Tara said...

Don't know what you did, but your sidebar appears perfectly for me. Hopefully you have it resolved and if not, blogger's help forums are really helpful.

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