Sep 23, 2010

Allure - Best of Beauty

Any of my BFFs will know that when my Allure magazine gets to me every month, I'm missing during the time I read it cover to cover (which usually takes a good day or so). It's filled with all things beauty. Every October, they publish their Best of Beauty results which contains months of testing and spackling and reviewing and swatching.... Below are their results. My question to you gals out there... any of you used the Sally Hansen topcoat below? Comments? (Click any of the pics to enlarge)


~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Don't believe everything you read. Having worked in the marketing communications departments at many a different business...those who give away their best and do it most often will get the most press.
Works everytime. So while the writer of the article might have include SOME truths in there, always consider there were many companies that sent boatloads of freebies and good stuffs to get the good press.

Ice Queen said...

I tried that SH 4-in-1 stuff and hated it. It was junk, IMO. I dumped the glop and used the bottle to house a franken. :D