Sep 20, 2010

Ever been to a Rodeo?

Cowboy Up (definition): To face up to something, to show you've got the nerve. Originated in and around the rodeo circuits, mostly among bullriders.

They came up with this because...just maybe...uhm...have you ever stood next to a bull? THOSE THINGS ARE GINORMOUS! Hence the term.

And so I bring you "Cowgirl Up" by China Glaze. I don't have to be brave to wear this. I'll do it with pleasure. I think it's one of my new favorites. What a gorgeous burgundy with dark pink shimmer and actual - looks to me like blue - sparkles. Yes, blue! Or purple? Blurple? OMG. It's gorgeous.

What do you gals think?

Happy Polishing!


Megan Harmeyer said...

This color is gorgeous! It's been on my lemming list from Day 1. So pretty!

Skulda said...

You've captured it beautifully! It's lovely!

Chicky Spouts said...

What a pretty colour! Suits you x

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! and just because, i gave you the happy 101 award!

Amanda said...

hi! i just started following your blog and started laughing when i saw this post because of the question "Ever been to a Rodeo?" where i am from, its a MUST... annually :)

anyway at first glance this i thought this color was stella by china glaze but its actually pretty different. it's lovely.

feel free to check out my blog at

La Brown Girl said...

Thank you!!! I'm getting ASAP.