Jan 24, 2011

Essie's French Affair (Spring 2011) Swatches/Review

Hey Ladies!

I have a funny story for you gals. I didn't work on Friday since I was supposed to do something for school... but that didn't happen. So I was home all day and left only briefly to grab some lunch. I was on my way back home and passed a Fedex truck as I was turning onto my block. I pull into my driveway and immediately see a "Sorry We Missed You" notice on my front door. I thought "Oh boy I have a package... BUT ITS ON THE TRUCK!" I pulled back out of my driveway like a bat out of hell. I chased the Fedex truck down, honking like crazy, and stopped him just before he left the gated community I live in. I pull up next to him and I tell him that he just left a note on my door. He was so nice! I apologized for chasing him down like some freak but he said I did him a favor by not making him have to stop at my house again the next day. One less stop made his job easier. So I run back home with my package and I'm excited because I have no idea whats in it. I open it and guess what I find... Come on! Guess! I received 2 polishes from Essie's Spring 2011 French Affair Collection! How exciting!

So, I am happy to present Coat Azure and French Affair (both were swatched without base coat and without topcoat):

Coat Azure is gorgeous! Essie describes this color as a flirty, shimmery Parisian blue. They weren't kidding! This is a beautiful blue with fine silver and blue shimmer. Application for this color was a dream. Full coverage with 2 coats.

French Affair is perfect for the spring. Essie describes this color as an innocent pink. I describe it as a pastel pink creme. The end result is a beautiful color... but application for this one was a little tricky. The formula wasn't thick but there was something about it that was a little off. It wasn't as flawless as Coat Azure. I had to do 3 coats to get a full and even coverage. I kept getting bald spots with every brush stroke. However, the results were worth it.

In the end, I think these colors are awesome and totally worth it. The pink is perfect for spring and the blue... well, you guys already know I'm a sucker for blues! Love it! I haven't seen the other colors from this collection but I think that Coat Azure and French Affair are the hits of the collection... but don't quote me on that!

What do you gals think?

Here is the rest of the collection (click to make it larger since you can't see the names too well):

This product was sent to me for review. Please see our disclosure policy (here).


Angeles said...

Coat Azure is really gorgeous... I love it!
Greetings from Barcelona ;-)

sonidlo said...

Wow, Coat Azure!

Chelsea said...

Nice is Nice is a wonderful color, i'm wearing it now :D

amanda said...

Both of these are gorgeous! Cannot wait to see the rest of the collection now. Ahh, love it! And what a wonderful surprise to get them in the mail!

Boboch* said...

I looove this pink !
Very sweet !

Anonymous said...

Haha you chasing down the fedex guy is probably something i'd do. i just bought french affair, sand tropez, and topless and barefoot! they are sooooo beautiful. I want to see coat azure in person first to make sure it looks good with my skintone :D

Anonymous said...

You're right - French Affair is/was not nice to put on...im taking mine back.

jewels and nails said...

great photos, colours are so pretty on you :)