Jan 21, 2011

NOTD: Me Like-a Mikka

Hey Ladies! Today I have the first of my 3 Zoya's from the Facebook promotion. I haven't seen this color much around the blogging world so I'm sharing it today. If at least one of you gals thinks this color is worth having, I've done my job! So I'm proud to present Zoya's Mikka. Mikka is a cool plum purple with an almost metallic finish. You notice the almost metallic aspect of the color when you are applying it but its pretty much gone once its dry. There also seems to be a silver shimmer in the bottle (left picture) that doesn't make it onto the nail. Who cares though because I still love this color! I loved it so much that I wore it for 3 days! (I normally change my polish every other day.) The application was great (just like every other Zoya polish I've used). It took 2 coats to get full coverage. I really think this is a color worth having. LOVE IT!

Do you gals like it?

Happy Polishing!


Jan (hueandme-jan.blogspot.com) said...

this is a very pretty color. :)wondering how it'll look on toe nails too!

Chari said...

this is just too gorgeous! i'm ordering this on their BOGO which ends tomorrow on zoya's website. thanks for posting all these swatches of yours! they've been very helpful! :)