Jan 14, 2011

Polish Battle: Bella's Choice vs. For Audrey vs. Flyin' High

Hey! So this is a comparison I did a while back. I had been lemming H&M's "Bella's Choice" for a really long time. I finally got my hands on it after doing an international swap with a fellow blogger. I noticed it was similar to some colors I already owned while I was organizing them in my helmer. So I figured I could try out a comparison and see if "Bella's Choice" was close enough to something that was easily obtainable in the US for those that can't do a swap. So here goes... All swatches are without top coat or base coat.

Flyin' High - A bluish aqua creme.
Bella's Choice - A turquoise creme.
For Audrey - A Tiffany Blue creme.

Applications: All colors are 2 coats. Flyin' High was the only one that was almost opaque in just 1 coat.

Verdict: No dupes. The closest colors were Bella's Choice and For Audrey... but clearly not identical. Bella's Choice is a little more vibrant and bright than For Audrey.


Danielle said...

love all of these! so glad that H&M finally released these polishes in the Canadian stores last summer, unfortunately the price sucks :(

Honey_lili said...

Hello !

My sister and I have just started our own blog and I have add yours to our blog roll. I hope it ok ;)

Here's the link: accropolish.blogspot.com

Have a nice week-end

The Narc said...

You've been tagged for a Stylish Blog Award...