Feb 11, 2011

KOTD: Girlie Skulls

Hey Ladies!

I arrived in St. Louis last night to visit my boyfriend for Valentine's Day weekend. With all the excitement I forgot to schedule a post for this morning. Oops! Better late than never right?

Today I'm sharing a polish that I got from a swap with Colour Victim. On a side note, thank you for the amazing swap! This is the second swap I do with her and I am more than happy with the polishes I got. I wish Catrice was sold in the US though! *insert angry face here* One of the colors I requested in the swap was Plum Play With Me. I had seen swatches by other bloggers and just loved it! I have nothing in my collection like it... At least not that I remember. Plus the name is super cute (that is why the boyfriend picked it). I usually ask him to pick a random color when I can't decide what to paint next (and I can't decide quite often). He picked purple so I read him the name of a few purple colors and this is what he picked. Plum Play With Me is a dark plum creme. The application was smooth and creamy and yummy. I can't really explain it. Just trust me. Full coverage could have been achieved with one coat if I had been careful. But I'm not that patient so I just did 2 coats.

I haven't stamped in a while and I miss having cute stuff on my nails. So I stamped this cute little skull image from m39 (from the BornPretty plates) on my ring fingers. I decided to be a little girlie and stamped using the Konad Special Polish in Pink.

Now let me explain something... Yes, the pictures are a little on the crappy side. The sun was out today but it wasn't sunny (if that makes sense). I couldn't get a decent picture outside. So these pictures were actually taken indoors. To make matters worse, my camera pictures were coming out yellowish (from the lighting) no matter what I did. These pictures were actually taken with my cellphone since it was the only way to get them looking somewhat normal.

And another thing... Yes, my thumb nail is shaped weird. I am a righty but photograph with my left hand. I have 3 nub-nails on my right hand and am hating it. I went to grab my book bag the other day with my left hand and it slipped. However, I still had a grip on it so it ended up ripping off the corner of my nail. I REFUSED to have another nub-nail so I just filed off the broken corner... Of course, I didn't think it would end up in a picture when I did that. Oh well, welcome to the world of a nail blogging.

Happy Polishing!


Morgan said...

wow! that color is gorgeous - def. making it to my wish list :)

Nolitoshy said...

the color is so cute!

I do that too when I break a nail. just fix the broken corner to save the nail, since i always refuse to cut it off.

love the stamping too!

Megan Harmeyer said...

What a pretty plum purple!! Enjoy your weekend with your BF. The stamping is super cute. I need to get my hands on more Konad plates!

marox79 said...


Catrice will be discontinuing many of their products in March, among them some of the polishes in your wishlist.
I'll be going to Germany in early March and I don't know if I'll be able to grab some of the goodies on my wishlist.
Check out the following link. I listed all the polishes Catrice is currently selling, with the soon-to-be discontinued ones in bold.

Maybe you could request another swap with someone with ready access to Catrice, if you're still interested in those beauties.