Feb 15, 2011

NOTD: What are you!?!?!

Hey Ladies! 

Today I don't know what I have for you. Seriously... I don't know what this is. I have no idea where Mari found this polish. I'm betting it was a local drugstore/pharmacy. I've never seen this brand before. The color doesn't even have a name... I'll just call this #9 since that is the only thing on the label that isn't standard label text. I'm guessing the brand is WEC and Pronto is in reference to the fact that it's "Quick Dry." This is a gray cream with sort of blue/purple undertones. I almost had a perfect even application with just one coat but in the end I did 2 coats. Better safe than sorry. The polish seemed to be a little watery though... but I'm happy with the end result anyway.

I love the tone of this color. I normally stay away from random drugstore brands because the colors are usually so boring. However, I was actually pleased with this one. Maybe I'll start giving random brands a second chance.

Happy Polishing!


Patricia said...

Sometimes we discover amazing colors in drugstores. I love this color! So chic!

Erica said...

What a great find!

hermetic said...

it looks really nice. And I always purchase because of the color, not so much brands

Janine said...

They have this line at my local Navarro for $1.39 a bottle. I haven't seen it anywhere else either. It's got some great colors, including a slightly-less-metallic near-dupe of OPI At Your Quebec and Call which I just picked up. (The line recently changed its name from WEC Pronto to EC Pronto.)