Feb 23, 2011

Swatch - Essie's Fancy Delancey

(No, I'm not southern but Mari has gotten me into country music lately so its starting to stick!) (Hi gals.  Mari here.  And btw, I don't go around saying "Howdy" either.  Just wanted to make that clear.)

I have another swatch for you. Today I'm showing off Essie's Fancy Delancey. Adorable name! This color is also perfect for summer! It's a fuchsia pink with purple undertones. The application reminded me of a jelly but this color is a yummy creme. It was sometimes so bright in the sunlight that it reminded me of a neon! It took 3 coats for full coverage. I have no complaints about the formula. This swatch was done without base coat and without topcoat.

Do we like it? What is your perfect summer polish?

Happy Polishing!


Honey_lili said...

Gorgeous color, gorgeous swatch as usual !

Jackie S. said...

This is a fun and great color to introduce spring, I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

omg this color is sooo freaking pretty :D

beachgal said...

I am addicted to fuchsia shades for the past 8 years! That's a true love affair I would guess by now! I am 'about' fuchsias like many nail 'holics' are about blue or green polishes. I just don't like the neon ones. Something cheap about that look. The best fuchsias for me however are ones with some shimmer, flecks. microgliter in them, or like OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia - it's got a mind of metallic look to it...esp with SV top coat over it. Delancy is a great fuchsia for those who are looking for a pink that leans with a little purple to it - well after all that IS what fuchsia is anyway. This BTW is amazing with a topper of Essie Sequins & Sash over it!