Mar 3, 2011

BornPrettyStore Stamping Plate Review

Hey Ladies!

I have something fun for you today! I was contacted by Jessica from BornPrettyStore about reviewing some of their products. I was able to select an item and I picked a set of their stamping plates (here).

Their quality is amazing! The images aren't too deep or too thin. So you don't have to worry about the image smudging from too much paint or not lifting up because its already dry. The edge of the plates don't feel rough. I know some people complain about plates that are rough around the edges and cut. These don't! They do come with a very thin clear protective sheet over the plate. You almost can't even tell its there. So don't try to stamp without removing it first.

Most importantly, you can't beat this awesome price! 12 plates for $12.63... That is an amazing deal! We all know how expensive plates can be. It also includes a little stamper and a scraper. The only downside is that shipping can take a little while since they are located in China. But these stamps are definitely worth the wait!

This set provides a great range of images. Great variety. You are bound to find things you like. They have flowers, animals, swirls, bows, hearts, stars, butterflies, etc. They also have another set of plates that includes the very popular Hello Kitty stamp! The only thing their plates do not include are full nail stamps.

It's hard to photograph the plates since the reflection is difficult to avoid. You can see great images of the plates on their website (here).

I've decide that this will be a continuing review. I want to show you guys images from each plate but it would take me forever to sit down and do that. I'd be stamping all day. Unfortunately, my school schedule won't let me do that. So here is the deal. I will be showing you guys over time my favorite 4 images from each plate until I have covered all the plates. If you have any requests, feel free to let me know and I'll include those as well.

So here goes my first two sets:

These are stamps from plate m28.

These are stamps from plate m04.

In case you are wondering, I stamped using Konad's Special Polish in White.

So what do you ladies think? Who own these already? Thoughts? Favorites?

Don't forget that you can get 10% off any purchase at with our code: NAA10k31

These products were sent to me for review. Please read our disclosure policy (here).


Amber Parker said...

Cute! I am going to check it out when I get some birthday money... I have spent way too much on this nail polish addiction this year already! lol

Olivia said...

OMG that is so cute! Love the first plate :)

Sarahlouise1986 said...

omg i love the first plate! super cute!


Erin K said...

I'm a new follower, and I'm likeing you on the facebook.

I'm new to fancy nails at all so this would ROCK for me. :)


Erin K said...

sorry wrong window, ment to say: I ordered these right after reading your post. thanks

Ice Queen said...

I have the Hello Kitty plate. It was my first ever stamping plate and it created a monster, since I have bought a bunch of Konad plates and a set of Bundle Monster plates, since. lol

The quality of the HK plate is really good and I am planning to buy the rest of BP's stamping plates, soon. :D