Apr 25, 2011

Make Me Smile!

Hey Ladies!

Hope you all had a great Easter! This is going to be a short (scheduled) post because I'm supposed to be studying. I feel like this exam time period is going to take forever! I'm looking forward to seeing my boyfriend this weekend. He will be in town and I can't wait! That is helping me survive the week. I still haven't painted my nails so these are pictures from some of my many manicures that I have yet to post. This is Misa's Quirky Smile from the What I Like About You Collection (Fall 2010). Quirky Smile is a gorgeous teal shimmer. 2 coats of perfection. Perfect application and formula.

Until next time! 

Happy Polishing!


Miss Starshiny said...

nice mani! good luck with the exams, hope you write well!

Elsa P. said...

I'm also supposed to be studying :P
Amazing colour, I'm so in love with blue tones right now that I could buy every polish I see in this shade!
Have a nice day!

carissakuo said...

oh! what a pretty color :)

Kelz86 said...

Happy Easter! Hope you had a good one! Love the colour! Please look at my new blog!


Jackie S. said...

Wow, this blue is awesome!

Karin said...

Hi, I'm just stoping in to tell you that I have given your blog the Kreativ blogger award. I think it's great and has helped me alot in picking out colors. Check it out here on my blog http://karinsnailblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/kreativ-blogger-award.html

kellie said...