May 26, 2011

Grrr to Blogger!

Hey Ladies!

It's been a crazy week and an even crazier day. I don't have the mental energy to get into it right now so I'll share the details later. Either way, I apologize for my absence. There is a reason to all this madness. 

Some of you might recognize these pictures... That's because I had already posted them. Apparently something happened to Blogger on Friday the 13th and this post was deleted! Unfortunately, I don't have the mental energy (as I just mentioned) to type up everything I had typed up earlier regarding these polishes. But I still say that this is 2 coats of Sephora by OPI's Sue vs Shue from the Glee Collection.

Then I added Sephora by OPI's diamond topcoat Celibacy Club (also from the Glee Collection). It makes any color shine as if it were a holo. I love this stuff!

As a short summary: I don't remember having any application problems. Formula was fine. My only real complaint is the size of the bottle. It was hard to grip the bottle cap comfortably during application. But that is what I get for purchasing the mini bottle set. Either way, I think it was still worth it since you get a variety of the colors from this collection for a not-too-crazy price.

I will be back to posting regularly soon. Maybe even tomorrow. No promises though. I'll keep you all posted and I promise we haven't disappeared from the blogging world. Seems a lot of bloggers are doing that these days... and I miss them all!

Happy Polishing!

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Jenna said...

really like that glitter top coat!