Jan 11, 2012

NOTD: Purple Butterflies!

Hey Ladies!

And yet another look from the vault... Seeing these older manicures makes me miss stamping my nails! Anyways... This is a cute purple combination that I might do again during Spring. This is FingerPaints Aren't You Glad-iolous? from the Palette of Petals collection of Spring 2011. I'm assuming that is the correct spelling of the polish name. It didn't come with a label. I bought this collection from a blog sale and that blogger had received the collection from FingerPaints to review. So it had weird labels on the bottom. Anyone know the correct spelling? I googled it and a bunch of bloggers had different versions. Whatever. Not important. LOL! Anyways... It's a pretty light purple creme. You should be able to get a good even finish with 2 coats. I was afraid this color was going to be chalky but I was pleasantly surprised. Then I stamped the butterfly design on my ring fingers using BM205 from Bundle Monster's second plate set. I stamped with Zoya's Mira from the Summertime collection. Mira is described as a blue toned medium purple with dusty lavender tones. Personally, this color is awesome. It's so creamy and yummy.

Happy Polishing!


rock-or-not said...

Great mani!!
I love it!

Anonymous said...

So cute *-* the colors are beautiful.

aaminahs mom said...

I have Mira in my untrieds --IDK why..so pretty.

Tip-Top-Nails said...

Hello, i love your blog and want to give you the Cute Blog award! Congrats! Elena.

beachgal said...

Nice choice in this mani. I am really trending to liking lighter purples now after a # of years of all those deep purples being so popular.