Feb 27, 2012

1980 Flowers...


I knocked out 2 polishes from my untried drawer with just one mani. LOL! Today I have Heavenly Hydrangeas and Carnation Creation by FingerPaints. I bought these from a fellow blogger's blog sale last year. Actually, I guess I'd have to say an ex-blogger because she disappeared. =( Sorry that the bottle doesn't have a proper label. She got these for review so they came with the ugly label you see. Heavenly Hydrangeas is like a rosey (maybe magenta) purple creme. Carnation Creation is a bright teal blue creme. Both of these were a dream. Super opaque! Could have gotten away with just 1 coat but I went for 2 instead. Excellent formula and application. This color combination reminds me of a workout video from the 80s... LOL!

Happy Polishing!

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