Feb 16, 2012

Cuckoo... !

Hey Ladies! So I picked this color because I need to return Mari's polishes to her before I move in 7 months (moving from Miami, Fl to St. Louis, MO). LOL! So I've set aside her polishes in my stash so I can make it a point to use them asap. It's going to suck not having easy access to her nail polish stash! We've always avoided buying something one of us already has because we can just share and have a larger stash (collectively) that way. Kinda backfires on you when you plan to move 1200 miles away though! So here we go with the first one: Cuckoo for this Color by OPI from the Swiss Collection (Fall 2010). It is a blue-based green with what appears to be blue-green shimmer (more blue than green under certain light). The color is pretty opaque so you only need 2 coats. I didn't have any issues with the formula or application. I like this color. It's nothing special/unique. I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm "cuckoo" for this color but its pretty. And its a green tone I like and can wear with my skin tone.

Do you share your polish stash with anyone else?

Happy Polishing!


Megan Harmeyer said...

That's a BIG move!! Good luck. This color is really pretty - I almost picked it up a few weeks ago...now I might just do that. Great swatches!

tata-nadaver said...

very good!! is perfect.

♥beauxs mom said...

luckily my stash is all mine, i think this color is pretty!

GelaNails said...

This is very pretty, I have a similar color from Wet n Wild called Morbid, it shows up just a little bit darker green. I just used it in a design & will be posting it soon on my blog.

Good luck with your move!