Feb 10, 2012

Zoya's Skylar v. OPI's I Have A Herring Problem

Hey Ladies! As promised, I did a comparison between Zoya's Skylar and I Have a Herring Problem by OPI. Just like my last comparison post, I didn't understand why a little voice in my head was telling me not to get I Have a Herring Problem. Why was I debating a beautiful color? Simple! Because it reminded me of Skylar. I just didn't realize it at the time. *sigh* A bottle to bottle comparison lets you know that the two colors aren't exact dupes... But when you are standing in a store that doesn't sell both OPI and Zoya, you can easily think they are identical based off of your memory. So here is the comparison for those of you that might be debating the similarities:

Skylar is a medium steel blue with a softened, dusty look and speckled by visible gold and silver shimmer flecks. (Zoya's words.. Not mine!) I Have a Herring Problem is like a dusty medium blue with the same gold and silver shimmer. Both were opaque in 2 coats (no base coat and no topcoat). The formula and application was great for Skylar. I Have a Herring Problem did the same thing it did to me the first time I used it. It pulled a bit of the color from the first coat while I was applying the second coat.

So are they dupes? Nope. They are similar enough to maybe be more like half-sisters. LOL! Skylar is bluer while I Have a Herring Problem is more grayish and/or more muted. In the end, I would recommend Skylar over OPI because of the formula and application difference. I also love that Skylar is more on the blue side. I love OPI's brush but I wouldn't have bought this color if I had remembered about Skylar while I was at the store.

Hope this helps some of you in making your purchasing decision. Happy Polishing!


MariJo said...

Thanks for the comparison. I love them both!!

Miss Blue said...

Great comparison! I definitely prefer Skylar to I Have a Herring Problem.

beachgal said...

I had heard about the 'like' sisters in the 2 collections for a couple months now. So I did not buy the Zoya collection in full. I ordered the spoons so I could tell which I wanted between the ones in the 2 collections that are so similar - this one is darn close...but from your photos, I too like Skyler best too. Then there is the issue of Windamillian and Bevin being so close. Some think that Van de Gogh is a lot like Farrah.I think one of the 2 is fine unless you really are a collector of all nude creams. Thanks for the great photos.

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