Mar 28, 2012

A Dose of Lovely Poison

Hey Ladies!

Today I have a polish for you that I got from an international swap. This is Poison Me Poison You by Catrice. I wish Catrice was sold in the US. I haven't encountered a Catrice polish that I haven't liked yet (and I think I own about 5-7 polishes). Poison Me Poison You is a beautiful vibrant eggplant purple with purple and subtle blue micro shimmer. It's sultry and dark yet vibrant and bright at the same time. When the light hits this color it's electrifying. So pretty. I applied 2 coats. One coat could have been enough but I preferred to be safe and go for 2. Application was perfect. The brush is a little wide and reminds me of the OPI brush. Very comfortable. Maybe its just me but this polish smelled a little stronger like polish than usual. LOL! Weird... I know. Regardless, I recommend Catrice so get your hands on their polish if you can!

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tata-nadaver said...

Lindo esse catrice, suas unhas tambem são lindas.