May 25, 2012

The Color of Royalty!

Hey Ladies!

I'm happy to say that I'm graduating law school today!!! I can't believe the day is finally here. It feels like I just started yesterday! The last 3 years have just flown by in the blink of an eye. I'm wearing Zoya's Crystal to graduation but I'm not posting it since I've posted it before (here). Instead, I'm showing you guys a polish I saw in my helmer while I was looking for a color to wear for graduation and just had to wear it again.

I wore this color a long time ago but never blogged about it (and have no idea why).  Another instant favorite of mine. This is Royal Navy by Orly. By far, the best royal blue EVER MADE in the history of nail polish! To me, this is such a unique color! Royal blues are usually thought of as being on the dark side of the blue scale. However, this color is insanely vibrant as hell. This color is also packed with beautiful green iridescent shimmer. Just look at all that shimmer sitting at the bottom of the bottle! And in the sun... *mind blown* AMAZING! There must be a little bit of neon in there... Seriously, we've never established a rating system on this blog but this polish would be #1 in the ranks if we had one! 2 coats for full coverage. You might think I'm crazy for saying that since there is some VNL in the pictures but I swear you don't see that in any other lighting. LOL! I must have a super-powered desk lamp... Perfect formula and application. You just can't say anything bad about this color. I'm in heaven... *stares at nails for hours*

Happy Polishing!


Heather Mighty-Lambchop said...

Congratulations on your graduation!
Royal Navy is a favorite of mine and is such an amazing color.
Have a wonderful day and enjoy yourself!

aaminahs mom said...

congrads~Grad I LOVE my Orly Royal Navy its truly a keeper!

beachgal said...

Fab news of your graduation. Hopefully you will still have time for blogging. Know many seem not to once out of college. Hope you have a job waiting for you. I adore this shade and wear it often - it's a real special blue in my stash.

Rachael Heiner said...

Congratulations on graduating! What a huge achievement!