Oct 10, 2012

I know.... we've been bad. *hangs head in shame*

We took an unexpected hiatus/break and we apologize.  I've been swamped with work and kids and life in general and Lissi was studying/taking and yes, PASSING the bar exam.  Yay!  But we are returning, and in full force.  Don't fret, and we're super happy you guys haven't abandoned us for becoming one of "those" blogs that don't post in ages. 

I can, however, show you a few past manis I've done recently (if blogger would get their act together, I could just post straight from my text, but their server has been unresponsive. ugh.).  And please dont mind my love of instagram.  :)

Chanel Vamp, filtered...I know.   But you all know what it looks like.

Essie Smokin' Hot. 

Essie Going Incognito.
Dutch Ya Just Love Opi? and Orly Fowl Play over ring finger. 

China Glaze Midtown Magic with 2030 stamp. 

China Glaze Gothic Lolita with Zoya Daul on ring finger.

Happy Polishing!


Marisa said...

Awesome manis!! Welcome back. And congrats to Lissi on passing the bar!

Natalia said...

Great manicures! My favourite is smoking hot, looks so classy on you!
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Shelby's Swatches said...

My fav is the midtown magic mani!

mobb said...

i really love the midtown magic with the 2030 stamp. so cool~

Akuma Kanji said...

Glad you are back! Hurray for Lissi! :)

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