Dec 14, 2012

I present to you....SquareHue

I've recently discovered and had the honor of reviewing SquareHue nail polish.  It's a monthly nail polish subscription service (how cool is that?) that allows you to stay "in the know" when it comes to polish trends and get this:  part of the proceeds go to charity!!! Fashionable AND do-gooders all in one. 

It’s simple.  Once you subscribe, you'll get three nail polishes delivered to your door every month; and they give to organizations dedicated to helping others. Their current focus is on human trafficking.  *in love*

On to the review! 


First we have Champagne Toast.  Exactly what it is.  A champagne frost.  Don't need to concern yourself with streaks.  It applies perfect and opaque in two coats. 

Holly Berry is so vibrant, it GLOWS.  It's a bright, believe it or not, red jelly with tons of red microshimmer.  Simply lovely.  (Please don't mind the cuticles... Lissi is usually the one that does the swatching.  My apologies.)

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite... Sugar Plum.  Why?  Cuz it's PURPLE!  Hel-lo?  Do you girls not know me at all?  Beautiful, striking purple, also with a jelly-like consistency, which you all know how shiny jelly finishes are... and to add to that awesomeness, tons of magenta microshimmer. 


I went almost four full days before getting noticeable tip wear with these and for a single mother of two, that's a God-send.  Application was pretty good.  The brush is on the short side and it offers good control; but being shorter you need to watch out for cuticle drag seeing as you don't have full brush length to cover the entire nail bed in one stroke.  Obviously, the brush is shorter because the bottle is perfectly square, but come on, it's just too cute to pass up.

You can check out SquareHue here.  Ahhhh!  Nail polish and giving to charity... just in time for the holidays.  ::love::

These products were sent to us for review.

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Rose G said...

OMG!!! These nail colors are so stunning especially the sugar plum. I find it so elegant and classy.