Jan 16, 2013

Flaky Ink

Hi there girls.  Hope you're all doing well.  This week's mani is brought to you out of sheer boredom.  I think I'm entering a rut.  I'm glad Spring is almost here and there are many Spring-like shades to choose from so obviously, our nail palettes will change as they always do.  This week I took advantage of another dark shade before things get too bright out there, and being in Miami, we're already wearing shorts and flip flops (I don't think we ever stopped). 

This is two coats of OPI Ink and I covered my ring fingers with a coat of Maisie by ZoyaOPI Ink is some serious purple goodness with purple, blue and pink shimmer. This is from OPI's Night Brights collection.  Maisie is one of the three fleck effect topcoats Zoya released last year.   It's mainly green and turquoise blue flakes.  Pretty, no?


With Flash

Happy Polishing!


Natalia said...

This blue is such a fantastic all time favorite! And it looks great on you!

Deriniti said...

Pretty! I'm a new follower, would love if you would please follow me back on my blog: http://myprettynailz.blogspot.com