Sep 10, 2013

*Hangs Head in Shame*

I've been so bad at posting... and I don't know how much longer I want to delay the inevitable.  With the kids, work, the boyfriend and just life in general, it seems I never have time to sit down and write a post.  I'm not saying I haven't been doing my nails.  *blasphemy*  I just don't follow up with taking the pictures in my light box, editing, writing and scheduling posts.  I have, however, as evidenced below, been posting my manis to instagram because let's be honest:  how. easy. is. that?

So I don't know.  I don't know if I want to continue with the blog posts... or just uploading my manis to instagram with a copy here so you guys can get the gist of it.  Any input?  

WARNING:  Pic spam ahead!

Yay for football season!!!!

I love peach and aqua together.  This is China Glaze Aquadelic with Zoya's Thandie.

China Glaze neons collections from this summer.  GORGE!

One of my favorites.  Sun of a Peach with some hand-painted roses.

Impossible to capture this shade on film.  Ugh!

Happy Polishing!!!!


Freshie said...

They are all beautiful! I really like the chevron mani. I feel you with the time constraints. On the other hand - between work and personal I manage a gazillion social sites and I feel like my posts aren't a never ending addition to the social media monster.

rockbeach meme said...

Oh please continue to at least post these to your blog - there are lots of us not really tech savvy who don't know how to get instagram...I see photos off it but I have looked everywhere and only find it as an app for a smart phone - I have a really crappie one that is worthless and i only use it to look at the temp and get something like a place to eat where I am off Yelp...that's it...and I sure don't intent to ever sit at my phone and look at photos on some site...if I can get them on my pad or my computer fine...but I will never be a person with my head in social media or in my phone...and I know I am not alone - used to be a big FB person in yrs past but stopped this time last yr - my name was ccoming up with my email address all over web searches from FB despite I had my settings super's all the blog give aways on rafflecopter that let out your email I stopped entering contests on nail blogs - gads it's just one thing after another to keep any control over your email address and privacy.

I did look at some things a few times on an instagram app but there was no way to save the ones I wanted to keep to any files or pin something to pinterest to say this is really good and give credit as to who did it.

So please keep up the blogging...even if you only put your instagram photos up...but so many times the instagram photos are not top quality or they look like they are taken too far back.

So that's my 2 cents on why we need good nail art on blogs and not all on instagram!

Erin Hall Lewis said...

I'm with Rockbeach. Your nail art is so amazing, please don't deprive us of it completely. Just one a week? Please?