Jan 2, 2014

My new favorite PURPLE!

I know it's no secret my favorite shade is purple... and this is a doozy I found at a dusty. 

Anyway.  This is Creative Fantasy by China Glaze and its simply delicious.  Look at it!  It's a jelly, so it took like 4 coats to get it to look like this and STILL, I found a little patchiness, but the shade more than makes up for it.  Who cares?  Nobody but me is going to be looking that closely at my nails.  :)

Then I used one coat of Fairy Dust, also by China Glaze, on the accent nail.  I just love that holographic prismatic glitter.  There's a picture below that's a bit blurry just so you can check it out.  *love*

Happy Polishing!