Mar 29, 2010

Haul & Swatch: China Glaze - Liquid Leather

Hey Addicts!

I took this picture Saturday night. You know, the night I was "trying" to work on my paper. Yeah, that is my research under those bottles. LOL! An update though, I finished my paper 3 hours before the time deadline. =)

China Glaze:
Flyin' High
Matte Magic Topcoat
Dim Sum Plum
Dating A Royal
Black Cherry Chutney
Color Club:
Ultra Violet
Electro Candy

I decided to get OPI's Black Cherry Chutney because of a beautiful swatch that I saw on Polish Hoarder Disorder. Isn't it pretty? If you haven't seen her blog (which I hope you all have) then I suggest you check it out. She has amazing swatches. She is the reason I finally got Dating A Royal too!

China Glaze - Liquid Leather

This is China Glaze's "Liquid Leather." I only included one picture this time because it's black. LOL! It looks the same in all pictures. Simply pure black! The first coat was a little streaky (but I've experienced this with all black polish). After 2 coats, perfection!


WizardsOfBling said...

Gawjus! Nice haulage!

ANSTAH said...

LOL. Guilty. I used to ALWAYS be online makeup shopping or reading up on makeup reviews when I had papers to write or exams to study for. Man, it's somewhat reassuring that I wasn't the only one that used to do that. LOL.

CucumPear said...

I love Liquid Leather (I should probably get a back-up bottle). When i wear it plain I prefer three coats for superior depth, though.