Mar 24, 2010

NOTD/Swatch - China Glaze DV8

Hey Addicts!

I've been sick and wasn't feeling very creative on Sunday when I painted my nails. So I went with something I hadn't used yet and was dying to do so. So this post serves as a NOTD/Swatch.

Behold, China Glaze's DV8!

Description: Insanity!
a.k.a. Blue/Teal Holo

This is 2 coats. However, I have to say... This was a pain in the tush to apply. If you went over the nail twice with the brush it would remove the polish. LOL! So I had to try to apply the most even coat with just one stroke. And the 2nd coat would sometimes take off the dry coat underneath. LOL! Either way, the color is sooooooo gorgeous. I would go through any mission to wear this.

If you guys haven't noticed by now... I LOVE BLUE!


Tierney said...

That color is gorgeous!!
I love it.

WizardsOfBling said...

That polish make me want to go on a Caribbean vacation ASAP! How about doing a mani for the white sandy beaches!

Evil Angel said...

One of my favorites, but then again I haven't met a holo I didn't love!

Ayuu said...

This color is fantastic :)

Tassa said...

Gorgeous color!

Jessica said...

This is easily one of my most favorite holos. I agree on the application but in the end its worth every torturous moment

PolishedSheep said...

This color is still missing in my stash - but it's so beautiful!

By the way - I tagged you - read it under :o)