Mar 25, 2010

Swatch & KOTD - OPI's Chapel of Love

Hey everyone!

So I did my nails yesterday because DV8 chipped. I love holo polishes but I wish they lasted longer. I took advantage and took swatch pictures of the base coat. This is OPI's Chapel of Love:

Lextard has an amazing swatch of this color that captures it much better than I did. Actually, Lextard's swatch is the reason I purchased this color in the first place. LOL!

And here is the final look:

As you can see, I used OPI's "Chapel of Love" as the base color. I then stamped using plate M73. The stamp color is OPI's "Lincoln Park at Midnight."

My toes are currently painted with China Glaze's "Purple Panic" but I refuse to post pictures of my chicken-nugget-toes on the internet. Have I said that already?

Anyways... Hope you gals like it!


Jessica said...

I like it, I think it's fantastic!

Ayuu said...
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Ayuu said...

Oh, i like this stamping, so sweet and cute !

pei shan said...

Hi there! you used opi as a stamping color too? I find it so difficult! is there any trick to using opi for stamping?