Apr 21, 2010

Happy Appellate Brief Completion To Me!

Hey again!

LOL, I didn't post for 6 days and then I spam you guys all in one night! 

I just wanted to post this. I got my reward for working so hard on my Appellate Brief two weekends ago. I present to you Nfu-Oh #65.

I officially own 2 Nfu-Oh polishes. LOL! I fell in love with this color after Lacquerized blogged about it (here). I'm obsessed with blue and I've seen plenty of blue holos. But I've never seen a baby blueish holo. My dreams had come true when I saw this! I received it in the mail on Saturday. Ignore my thumb, I didn't really paint my nails with it. I was just testing it on one nail over the mani I already had. LOL!

Again, sorry for the crappy quality picture. Took this with my phone in the car before the sun was completely gone.

Can't wait to paint my nails with this beauty!


Ice Queen said...

I admire your dedication and eagerness to get to your polish and admire the pretty. :D

FitterTwit said...

OMGosh... I NEED this!!! Where did you get it?

Twister said...

Gorgeous color and adorable packaging. :~)

Jackie S. said...

Congrats on finishing the brief..I know how much that sucks! Great polish!

Lissi said...

Thanks all!

FitterTwit, I got this from fabulousstreet.com. Hurry, they are having sales this month!