Apr 21, 2010

NOTD - Aliens Invaded My Nails


So my last manicure didn't last a full 2 days. But you have to look at the positive in a bad situation... Right? A chip = Polish Change! And I did just that.

This is Zoya's "Adina." To me, this color reminds me of Aliens. I know, I'm weird... I've swatched this color before but have never actually worn it as a mani. I wasn't feeling very creative so I didn't stamp anything. I tried to take the best picture I could to capture all of its tones.

Happy Polishing!

P.S. - Yes, that is homework on the background of one of the pictures. LOL! What can I say... When the lighting is right, you have to go for it.


FitterTwit said...

I bet your teachers LOVE IT when work it turned in with polish smears on it!!! ;)

Emma said...

i've never had homework in the background of my pics, although i have had some pretty interesting stuff before!