Apr 15, 2010

KOTD: The "Queen" of Blues!

Hey Addicts!

So my attempts to make my prior mani last longer failed miserably. I had put a coat of white polish underneath OMG. Yeah... that didn't work. LOL! I had an encounter with the edge of a table and suffered two massive chips. So you know what that means.... New mani!

It's funny because people at school notice how often I change my nail polish. I had one mani on Monday, another on Tuesday-Wednesday, and another one today. So one guy in class is like: "You changed your nails AGAIN?" Boys, they just don't understand!

I present to you, in my honest opinion, the Queen of all blue polish!

China Glaze's "Frostbite"

I applied 2 coats of China Glaze's "Frostbite." Then I stamped the crown from image plate M40 with Konad's Special White Polish. I put the crown because this blue is the Queen of them all for me! These pictures don't do this color justice. I've caught myself staring at the color on my nails all thoughout the day. It such a vibrant electrical blue. Simply gorgeous!

Happy Polishing!

Update: I forgot to mention that I did only 2 coats because it looked solid last night. But now I see in the pictures that there is a little bit of a VNL in the sunlight. Oops! LOL!


Tierney said...

I love Frostbite! It's definitely my favorite blue polish.

Twister said...

Very cute. I have debated getting frosbite.

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

On my wish list, nice post!

Ice Queen said...

Looove Frostbite. It was my first blue. I like to apply three coats of this colour, two just doesn't give me the coverage I like. :D

Ayuu said...

Gorgeous shade ! I love it :)