Apr 30, 2010

Sally Sale Haul...

Hey again!
A friend from school (who knows I'm crazy about polish) called me and told me about a sale going on at Sally's Beauty Stores. Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all nail polishes. So I went today with my friend (and studying partner / law school partner in crime) as a reward for all this studying we've been doing. Here is what I got:

FingerPaints (L to R)
Hue Left A Message?
Laugh My Art Off
Sketch N Etch

Please ignore the pictures crap-tastic quality... I took it with my phone. LOL!

Be sure to run to Sally's and take advantage of this sale!


Stopdidine said...

These varnishs have me the fabulous air(sight). I can't wait that you apply them pure to show them to us. It is a pity I I live in France because otherwise I shall also have failed.

Akuma Kanji said...

I wish I could! I love the colours you chose! Was it like: "those are the ones!" or more like: "I like this and this and this and this.... which ones should I take? This, this and this? or these? Or maybe those?... I can't decide!!!!" :P

Halifax said...

Lol, you run a nail blog but had to have a friend to tell you about Sally's B2G1F sale? I was all over it, lol. The sad thing is my Sally waited until May 1 to put out these new Finger Paints, so I couldn't buy them with the sale

FitterTwit said...

I'm surprised that's not all... Sally's is evil! They will suck you in! hahahahaha!

paintedbluestars said...

LOL! I went the same day you did and I actually thought the sale was over so when I saw that it was still on I went nuts and bought 6 china glazes(well tech. 2 were free) but yeah I went crazy! just as fittertwit says it does;)