May 2, 2010

NOTD - Distracted by things that sparkle...

Distracted by things that sparkle.... like my nails!

I'm still studying... Is it Noon on May 13th yet? *sigh* My first final exam is on Monday... I'm terrified...  LOL!

So, no interesting Konad nails but I at least keep them painted. Lets see if I can keep that up once my exams actually start. But here is what I have right now:

Zoya's "Alegra"

Unfortunately, I am only able to share one picture. My camera battery was dead yesterday so I couldn't take pictures. And today there was no sun! So I took the pictures since I was afraid I might suffer a chip and then not be able to take a picture at all. This was the only one that looked good. Sorry!

This color is sooooo pretty! It tends to cross the line between red and magenta a lot. It's so weird! I had to put 3 coats because I felt that there would be VNL with just 2. I can't help but stare at my nails in the sun (when it was out)! It literally sparkles! I love it!

Well, back to studying... Happy Polishing!


FitterTwit said...

Don't be scared! As much studying as WE are seeing you do between manis... you're gonna do fine! :) Hang in there!

nihrida said...

Good luck with the exams!

Ayuu said...

Nice shade :)
Good luck for your exams !

Lissi said...

Thank you!