May 16, 2010

Last OPI Haul?

I'm so sad with the recent OPI lawsuits. I understand that they are trying to keep control over the quality of their products. And it's not cool for etailers to be selling fake products. So I respect what they are doing. However, their gain is our loss. I don't like the fact that we won't be able to purchase OPI online anymore. I got so used to paying about $4 a bottle. I don't want to pay $8. And to think, US prices aren't as bad as some of the prices you gals are experiencing overseas. It's insane!

So my friend and I placed a Transdesign order ASAP since they're clearing their inventory. See, we use Nail Envy as our base. That stuff costs $16 in stores but only $8 online! So we ordered 3 bottles of Nail Envy each to stock up. LOL! And then I got "Charmed By A Snake." I've been wanting that color for a while. Granted, I've wanted A LOT of OPI's but this color was the only one that isn't close to anything I already own.


ipehishere said...

Fake Opi has been big issue on ebay.. ugh but truw buy online for opi way cheaper than store ;p
nice haul! :)

Jackie S. said...

I need to stock up on Nail Envy too..I us it as my base as well.