May 21, 2010

May Hauls: ManGlaze, Zoya, China Glaze, Lush, and Bundle Monster!

Hey Ladies!

May has been a busy month! But it's also full of awesome new items... which ultimately led to my self-imposed ban. LOL!

Here is everything new this month:

I purchased the Lush Lemon Flutter Cuticle Butter after seeing so many great reviews about it. I'm trying to avoid cutting and other moisturizing methods haven't worked for me so far.

I had to make a trip to Sally's recently and checked out their Reduced bin. I struck gold. Sitting there was one bottle of Millennium. I've never seen Millennium at Sally's. I visit that Sally's often and have never seen it there before. I grabbed that bottle faster than fast! During a prior trip to Sally's my friend found C-C-Courage in the Reduced bin too. She wasn't gonna buy it... So I did!

Next up is "Matte is Murder" by ManGlaze. I saw a post about this polish by Lacquerized. Isn't her swatch just gorgeous? I fell in love! Plus, ManGlaze had this polish on sale. It was polish-fate! I had to order it!

Then there is Bundle Monster. I've seen bloggers rant and rave about these plates. Who can beat 21 image plates for just $17.99. I love Konad but you can't beat the price! And since fellow bloggers said they worked just fine I made the leap for it. The main difference that I have noticed about the plates is that the full nail images are a little more narrow than the Konad full nail images. I hope this won't end up being a problem. But the variety of images on the plates is amazing so it is still worth the price. If you are debating these, I suggest you make the jump. Shipping was super fast!

And last but not least: Zoya! I got Charla from the new collection. That color has been stalking me online. LOL! And then I received my polishes from the Zoya Exchange. Our order from Zoya was for about 20 bottles but they weren't all for me. I got Harley, Anaka, Drew, Tallulah, Venus, Posh (Matte), and Veruschka (Matte). The only sad part was that Tallulah arrived with the bottle cap closed improperly. It was at an angle. I guess air got into the bottle because the paint is insanely thick! I have never seen polish this thick before. I was afraid to put thinner into it first so I called Zoya. Luckily, I spoke to a great customer service rep and hopefully this bottle will be replaced soon. Here is what it looks like:

So these are my goodies. But I am now on a ban. LOL! I'll be posting swatches soon. I can't wait!


Enamel Girl said...

Very nice haul. I finally got my Zoya's and now I'm happy :)

ipehishere said...

wow soo many nail polishes XD

Twister said...

I have been debating getting the 21 piece set from Monster Bundle. I have been wondering what the price of shipping is on these. Very nice hauls. Looks like a lot of pretty colors. :~)

libbeh ♥ said...

Hehe, I got my Zoya's about a week after I ordered them in April. I didn't bother checking them until earlier this week, and was bummed that my "Charlize" had the same issue as your "Tallulah" (pretty blue color btw, I wished I ordered that!) The funny thing about my bottle was that it was upside down, and 1/4 empty! :( Now huge worries though - I contacted Zoya's customer service, submitted proof of the defect, and they're sending me a replacement too! YAY for great customer service!! :)

Rebecca said...

Great haul, I'm a big fan of lemony flutter!

Katjuska said...

Twister :

I ordered from Monster Bundle. Shipping to US is free, shipping to other countries if they are on the shipping list is 4$(normal ups). Can't wait to get my hands on my order. =)

Jooy said...

I asked for Harley and Charla too! Mine came in a couple of days ago (:


Please do your Zoya and China Glaze swatches :D:D

Jackie S. said...

I'm glad to hear Zoya is taking care of the defective polish, Nice hauls!