Jun 14, 2010

Belated Birthday Gift!

Hey Ladies!

Today I want to share with you a belated Birthday gift that arrived in the mail for me recently! I received this from the wonderful Maespiritu of Art of Nail!

A little history: Back in February/March Maespiritu posted pictures of a few fauxnad image plates she had. Maria and I immediately fell in love with the plate you see above. All those butterflies were adorable! We had recently discovered "fauxnads" but didn't know where to purchase them. So we emailed her about it. I later post a few manicures I had done for my birthday. Surprisingly, Maespiritu contacted me and offered to mail me the butterfly image plate. I was so excited!

Some time had passed and I got so busy with life that I completely forgot about it. Then I recently come home and my mom says: "You got a package from the Philippines." I was like: "What? But I haven't ordered anything recently!" So I open the package as eager as a child on christmas morning. It made me so happy to see an adorable birthday card from Maespiritu! With the card she included the famous butterfly image plate and 2 sheets of nail stickers! This really was an awesome belated birthday gift!

Maespiritu: Thank you so much! This was so nice and thoughtful of you! Like I have always said, this nail blogger community is full of wonderful ladies. And you are definitely one of them! I know I am a stranger to you and you didn't have to go out of your way for me. But it is very much appreciated!

I will be posting pictures of a mani I did using this plate either later today or tomorrow! So be sure to check back!

Happy Polishing!


ART OF NAIL said...

wow I'm glad you like it.. I thought you were not able to receive the bday card that I sent.. you're very welcome dear.. :)

Twister said...

Wow! That was super sweet. Very cute images. Can't wait to see some mani's done with it.