Jun 25, 2010

Light-boxes, layout, etc.

Hey Ladies!

So I have been getting annoyed with photographing my nails lately. We've had a period of bad weather here in Miami so most of my pictures are not "fresh." I have to keep the bottle and my camera in my purse at all times in case I manage to catch the sun! And then pictures indoors are just horrible. Mari and I tried to make a light-box once (with instructions we found online) and it didn't work well at all. But I've seen so many bloggers with amazing pictures and I'm jealous. (For example: All Lacquered Up, Lacquerized, You've Got Nail, Emerald Sparkled, Polish Hoarder Disorder, Vampy Varnish, Nail Junkie, etc.) More than anything, I'm curious! Therefore, we are calling on all the bloggers out there to educate me (and the rest of us) on your light-boxes! Whatever information you are willing to share is welcomed. Feel free to email us pictures and we'll share them with everyone. (Email: Lissi4NAA(at)gmail(dot)com) Tell us how you made your light-boxes. Any tips and tricks? Or if you've posted about your light-box before, give us a link. My goal is to put together some sort of guide catered to us nail bloggers. So any help would be very much appreciated.

Next up: I changed the layout on the blog. I was bored of the old one and wanted a change. What do you gals think? Like it? Hate it? Too dark? Is anything placed in an uncomfortable spot? Any suggestions? Any problems? I'm open for anything.

And last but not least, I wanted to response to a few comments you gals have left. I figured there is a higher chance of you gals seeing my answers to your questions here rather than me posting them as comments.

@ Sarah (regarding your response to our post) - You can get Nfu-Oh polishes at Fabulous Street. I checked the countries they ship to and Sweden is on the list.

@ Nihrida (regarding your response to our post) - I really am afraid of cleaning out my closet sometimes because I know it's an entire day event. LOL!

@ Brook (regarding your response to our post) - It's not way-too-kind if it's true! LOL! =)

@ Bird of a Feather (regarding your response to our post) - OPI's Nail Envy Strengthener is the only thing I've ever used as a base coat. I think it works great at preventing staining. I highly recommend it!

Thanks for reading! Happy Polishing!


polishsis said...

YES PLEASE, enlighten me in the fine art of making lightboxes!!!!!!

Colette said...

I've considered attempting a light box before ... then I look around my room & wonder where I'd keep the thing LOL! Maybe if I actually ever get the tops of my 3 Helmers cleared off I'll revisit the idea, so I'd love to see some tips =)

rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

Yes, I would love so info on how to make one or where can I buy one :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for mentioning me but I don't use a light box. I take my pictures in daylight or sunlight. :)

Michèle said...

Hi, sorry to disappoint you but I don't use a lightbox, at all! I just use regular daylight ;-)

Michèle said...

I know Nihrida has a great tutorial on making a DIY lightbox though...

bird of a feather said...

Thanks for the tip! ;)

Tiana said...

This is a great post! Thanks!!

Hey, you've been tagged!! I tagged you with "I love your blog" tagg!!
I really do love your blog! :D

Iris said...

Hi girls, what a lovely blog you have here and thank you for tagging me! *shy* I just did a post on how to get a Lightbox, you might want to check it out :)
Blog on! ~Iris

Polish Hoarder said...

Ahhh! Sorry this is sooooo late!!

Here is the tutorial which I created my light box from...

The only difference is that I cut the entire front side of my box off. Well, except the bottom 1/4. I folded that part open so I would have a better working area :) Here is a photo of MY light box:

Hope that helps!