Jul 1, 2010

Where is the SUN when you need it?

This is Miami! The sun is always B-E-A-M-I-N-G and I'm usually trying to stay away from it (just too hot). But now that I want to take a picture of how pretty Nubar's Reclaim is, it's MIA. *scratching head*

I applied two coats of Reclaim by Nubar and used the same stamp from my fail the other day, the little leafy pattern from BM05, and placed one on each nail using OPI's Jade is the New Black. It's super-duper subtle and you can only REALLY notice it in person (you guys tell me), but I think it's kinda cute. Still can't get it to photograph as nice as I'd like it to though. *ordering light box from link provided by the gracious You've Got Nails* (wink, smile and a million thanks)

Happy Polishing!


Megan Harmeyer said...

GORGEOUS! I know what you mean - it seems I'm always doing my mani's at night and get frustrated because I can't get a good pic. LOL *patience*

Ali's Nail News said...

This is such a BEAUTIFUL color! I have been thinking about getting it for a YEAR! lol..I think it's time I just order it. I've never seen such a great holo green before. I too, need a light box, as I seem to like to do my nail at night as well.

By the way, I started a nail blog, and would love to have you follow. If you're interested. :-)


Meeka said...

I ordered that one a couple weeks ago and Ive been waiting VERY impatiently for it to get here! It's such a gorgeous green and the fact that it's holo?!?! *sigh* Hurry up and get here darnit!

Meeka said...

Oh and if you look at the large size pic you can just barely see the stamp. It's probably pretty cute in person :)