Nov 18, 2010

China Glaze Holiday 2010 - Review

Hey Ladies!

Today I have for you the Holiday Collection from China Glaze! I was finally able to swatch these for you (while listening to audio recordings of my class and preparing outlines for my final exams)... LOL! I know there are already several posts out there with this collection. However, it is totally worth posting again!

All of the following are without a base coat and without topcoat. All of the following are just 2 coats of the color and then 2 coats with Party Hearty.

Jolly Holly - Little Drummer Boy - Midnight Kiss - Jingle Bells
Jolly Holly - An amazing bright dark forest green. Yes, it's bright and dark at the same time.
Little Drummer Boy - A midnight/navy blue shimmer.
Midnight Kiss - A gold shimmer/foil (I can't decide which).
Jingle Bells - A champagne/copper/bronze type of shimmer. Yes, take a pot and toss in equal parts of champagne, copper, & bronze and you'll come out with this color. No?

w/ Party Hearty

Party Hearty - A clear topcoat that is jam-packed with glitter! It has small silver glitter, medium green glitter, and huge red glitter. Perfect for the holiday season! Obviously, the more coats you put the more glitter you get.

Ruby Deer - Phat Santa - Mommy Kissing Santa - Sugar Plums
Ruby Deer - A super bright red. Kinda reminds me of a jelly but I'm not sure if you could call it a jelly.
Phat Santa - A gorgeous red. Not as bright as Ruby Deer. Can't decide if its a creme or jelly... or both...
Mommy Kissing Santa - A deep red shimmer.
Sugar Plums - A plumish red color with amazing multicolor shimmer.

w/ Party Hearty

Snow - Frosty - Cheers To You - Naughty And Nice
Snow - A pure white creme. Not chalky at all! In my opinion it almost could be opaque in 1 coat if you apply it properly. Of course I couldn't so I did 2 coats.
Frosty - Just like the name... A white/milky frosty color with shimmer. I'm sure you can get this fully opaque with more coats but I like the way it looks with just 2 coats.
Cheers To You - A silver foil. Reminds me of aluminum foil.
Naughty And Nice - It looks black but its now. It's a great vampy wine color. Reminds me of Essie's Wicked. It looks black but has that gorgeous vampy color when the light hits it.

w/ Party Hearty

Overall Conclusion: AMAZING! I think this collection has a great variety of colors that make it great for the holiday season. I encountered no application problems. Each polish applied like a dream. I didn't notice any staining while swatching. Party Hearty is also a great addition to the collection that helps spice up any manicure. I highly recommend this collection to everyone.

I love all the names and think they compliment the colors. I also find some of them to be humorous. And boy do I love humorous nail polish!

My favorite polishes from this collection (for those who care): Frosty, Party Hearty, Phat Santa, Little Drummer Boy, and Naughty And Nice.

Please read our Disclosure Policy! We received these polishes from China Glaze for review. The opinions expressed on this post are my own.


Varnish Vixen said...

I love this collection too! I really love Party Hearty over the golds and Snow.

Megan Harmeyer said...

There are some great colors in that collection!! I need to get my hands on Naughty & Nice. :)