Nov 6, 2010

I'm out of commission AGAIN, but this time.....

Sorry I've been MIA gals.  Like my last hiatus, I've suffered some peeling nails and a few breaks, even a tear (I WILL NOT describe that one in detail.  Let's just say the pain was worse than the labor I went through with my children.)  I never feel up to posting when my nails are hideous, and trust me, they are.  I've done just about everything to remedy the peeling nails.  Nutritional supplements, change in diet, certain products that claim miracles, etc., and to no avail.  My nails grow and look pretty for a few months and then... here comes the peeling again.  I try my best not to pick but it's just too tempting.  I've tried Orly, OPI, Sally Hansen and nothing.  I've decided that now I'm going back to the original product I used once that actually seemed to work wonders.  Thing is, once my nails were strong and long, I stopped using the product.  This time I'm going to stick with it.  I gotta remember it's a preventive, not a cure. 

Anyway... I'm going to use Nailtiques Formula 2.  Around these parts (Miami, FL), you can pick this up at any CVS or Walgreens for around $18.  It's strong stuff.  Literally, you feel your nail kind of constrict and tingle when you apply it, but at this point, WHATEVER WORKS!  I want my nails never to peel again.  I want to be able to swatch and post at least twice a week.  And darnit, I'm not asking for the moon and stars here. 

Nailtiques explains it as follows:  

Formula 2 - Treatment for Soft, Peeling, Bitten, Weak or Thin Nails Nailtiques Nail Protein formulas were created to treat different nail conditions. The salon-tested formulations offer special combinations of ingredients, including hydrolyzed keratin and protein in combination with gelatin and calcium to build a healthy nail foundation. The protein formulas bond the nail layers together building a strong nail foundation resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting.

Benefits:  Nails that are soft, peeling, split or just will not grow will see marked improvement when treated with Formula 2. This formula consists of a unique blend of protein and conditioners. The protein immediately acts to help bond nails that are splitting or peeling. Formula 2 also helps to strengthen the nail resulting in long, strong and healthy nails.   Apply daily. As nails improve, decrease application. Formula 2 may be worn alone or with color polish.

They have other formulas for healthy nails, nails that are overly hard and excessively difficult to grow.  They also have a kit to use after artificial nails.  You can check them out here

Stay tuned.  I will keep you guys posted!!!   I'm going to turn this nightmare into a dream.... I have faith!

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Akuma Kanji said...

My support goes to you! ^__^ Hope you get rid of your problem! We want to see your pretty nails painted again!